Rachael Kesler Palm founded Joie de Vivre Calligraphy in 2013, but her love of lettering, design, and the creative arts has always been part of her life. It wasn't until her own wedding, in fall of 2012, that she decided to try her hand at some custom lettered wedding projects, including calligraphy and hand-lettered signage for her wedding ceremony and reception. That small project scratched an itch in Rachael that she couldn't ignore; in 2013, she left her full-time corporate job to launch her own calligraphy business in Charlottesville, Va. She started with a few friends' referrals and, in the years since, has devoted countless hours to learning, taking and teaching classes, and practicing her craft.

The name "Joie de Vivre" comes from the French phrase that means, literally, "joy of life." This phrase is used in English to express a cheerful enjoyment of life, and is often interpreted as a philosophy of life: to find joy in eating, drinking, reading... to find joy in everything. Rachael chose this name in honor of her father, who passed away in 2002, and who always told Rachael that she had the "joie de vivre." Because the art of calligraphy gives her much joy, and to honor the memory of her late father, Rachael felt that Joie de Vivre Calligraphy was a natural choice for her business name.

Rachael currently resides in Charlottesville, Va., with her husband Kevin, daughter Penelope, and dog Harry. While she primarily services the Charlottesville wedding industry, Rachael has partnered with and is available to work with brides and clients across the country. She has created unique, custom wedding invitations, hand-lettered logos, and other custom calligraphy works for clients and brides in central Virginia, Richmond, Washington, D.C., Maryland, North Carolina, and beyond.  

Rachael looks forward to working with you to realize your vision for your wedding invitations, day-of decor, or other hand-lettered corporate or personal project. Visit the contact page to inquire about working together on a specific project. Please note that, as of March 2018, Rachael will be taking a much-needed vacation from Joie de Vivre Calligraphy.

Photo by Robin Chandler Photography